We believe that systemic change in workplace culture starts at the employee-level. When one person makes healthy changes, it begins a ripple effect that, in time, can reach the farthest corners of your business, from talent retention to health care savings. With our model, an investment in your workplace culture is an investment in productivity, brand ambassadorship, and increased profits. 


how it works


When we launch with a company, we don’t feel like a
run-of-the-mill benefit. We're designed to feel consumer facing, while operating within a private company, and achieve sustained engagement by giving your employees what they really want:

  • A personalized, fun experience

  • Activities and tools that encourage growth

  • Time for themselves

  • Meaningful social connection

  • Opportunity to share their thought


2) The data begins to tell a story

While your employees begin their journey toward personal growth, we're capturing data that can help you get to know your workforce better:

  • Onboarding assessment results
  • Employee goals
  • Honest, candid feedback
  • Social interactions and communication
  • General morale and sentiment
  • Baseline health and wellness statistics

3) We help you strategize

Once we're aware of the strengths and pain points in the organization, Psocratic can help address issues with better targeted personalized solutions at the employee and team level. We work with you to determine the best solutions for re-engaging your workforce. 


4) Your workplace culture grows stronger 

We monitor the strength of our targeted strategies with continued data collection, analysis, and direct feedback from your workforce. Our strategies directly impact employee wellbeing, from increased job satisfaction to decreased absenteeism.


5) And you save money

Our customers report an average ROI of more than 5x per employee on productivity and retention alone. What sets us apart? Our data science team helps connect the quantitative wellness value for your human capital teams, and even benchmark against other companies in your industry. We even have experience driving value for executive teams on $100M+ annual budgets.