What we do

To stay ahead in our accelerating world you need a tool to keep your workplace human-powered. That's why we built Psocratic, an AI-powered recommendation engine that delivers personalized breaks and targeted soft skills development for individuals and teams — helping people unplug, recharge, and refocus to unleash their full potential. 



personalized coaching

 proven soft skills training to be your best self


engaging team activities

tailored social challenges to build your dream teams 


data that shows progress

at-a-glance updates on progress and pain points  



Predict the future of your teams – powered by behavioral science. 

Our behavioral AI quickly assess your team's strengths, weaknesses, and preferences and makes predictions and targeted recommendations to set you up for success.  

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"We love working with the Psocratic team and using their platform. In particular, we’ve had a great experience working with them on our internal campaigns."

— Head of Medical Innovation, Nestle Skin Health SHIELD

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Make employee data useful with experiential learning.

By delivering targeted breaks and activities we help individuals and teams take action on weaknesses and opportunities — helping you turn information into practice, prepare for challenges, and understand what makes your teams successful. 

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“We’re now confident that we have a layer of support to help our employees feel relaxed while also making them feel more connected."

— Manager, Lockheed Martin



Stay current on your team's growth and roadblocks.

Each week, we provide managers with at-a-glance reports illustrating progress and recommendations to make better business decisions. 

We reduces 6-month strategy cycles into days by identifying trends and taking action in real-time.

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"I know for a fact that this has saved a handful of our employees from leaving."

— CEO, iMedicare

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Our Clinical Roots

"It is our connection to those around us, as well as our own well-being, that allows us to thrive and become our best selves. Using a clinically-informed process, the Psocratic approach provides evidence-based tools that help individuals and teams cultivate a growth and resilience mindset."

- Dr. Kristine Miranda, Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder



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