Hi. We're Psocratic,

an evidence-based platform advancing emotional wellbeing and team connection in the workplace. Our scalable approach empowers individuals and groups with targeted digital activities and hands-on team challenges, fostering meaningful engagement while delivering powerful analytics.  

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we believe good culture = good business

Our model focuses on systemic change, that can reap big rewards.



Give your employees a place to learn, reflect, and offer feedback with our customized digital programs.



Connect your team on a deeper level with group exercises, common experiences,
and positive social interaction.



Strategize with actionable data on
morale, motivation, team performance, engagement and candid feedback. 


Our Approach

"It is our connection to those around us, as well as our own well-being, that allows us to thrive and become our best selves. Using a clinically informed process, the Psocratic approach provides evidence-based tools that help individuals and teams cultivate a growth and resilience mindset."

- Dr. Kristine Miranda, Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder

A word from our partners

We’re now confident that we have a layer of support to help our employees feel relaxed while also making them feel more connected.
— Manager, Lockheed Martin
I know for a fact that this has saved a handful of our employees from leaving.
— CEO, iMedicare
We love working with the Psocratic team and using their platform. In particular, we’ve had a great experience working with them on our campaign.
— Head of Medical Innovation, Nestle Skin Health SHIELD


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