Transform and Humanize Your Culture

Psocratic is partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes, helping them to drive better cultural engagement, satisfaction, and resilience. Depending on where you’re at, from collecting and analyzing feedback to taking swift action, we will work with you to best suit the needs of your organization.

Corrections Facilities

Psocratic is working inside correctional institutions to improve culture for corrections staff and inmates.

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Healthcare Organizations

Psocratic is helping healthcare professionals to manage burnout and deliver better care, while improving patient outcomes.

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Large and Mid Corporations

Psocratic is driving workplace culture by understanding employee engagement and resilience.

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Gather a frequent pulse for growth and engagement, powered by psychology.

Psocratic has developed technology that not only services employees behind computers, but that also takes into consideration employees in boots on the ground settings –people like officers, nurses, manufacturing, and retail workers.

Using evidence-based surveys and onsite evaluations to understand engagement, personality, and resilience, we deliver a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of your workforce.

Our analytics tool-kit provides executives with information on what employee and team behaviors and traits lead to successful business outcomes.



Drive impact with confidence.

 By understanding the needs of your workforce, and having the data to identify trends, we elevate your organizational impact to new heights.

Psocratic's team works closely with you to build scalable organizational development programs proven to drive business forward.

“We’re now confident that we have a layer of support to help our employees feel relaxed while also making them feel more connected.”
— Partner, Lockheed Martin
“We love working with the Psocratic team and using their platform. In particular, we’ve had a great experience working with them on our internal campaigns.”
— Head of Medical Innovation, Nestle SHIELD
“I know for a fact that this has saved a handful of our employees from leaving.”
— CEO, iMedicare


A Message From Our Co-Founder,
Dr. Kristine Miranda

“It is our connection to those around us, as well as our own well-being, that allows us to thrive and become our best selves. Using a clinically-informed process, the Psocratic approach provides evidence-based tools that help organizations build cultures of success.”
— Dr. Miranda received her Doctorate in Clinical Work from the University of Pennsylvania, and trained at both Harvard and Columbia University. She has 15+ years of clinical experience and extensive experience working in I/O Psychology.

Ready to transform and humanize your culture?