Our mission is to enable people to cultivate a growth and resilience mindset to reach their full potential.


One mindful moment can change your day, allowing you to adopt a more positive and focused mindset, and uplift the people around you. Yet, somehow this moment often escapes us during our busy days. Stress can build up, taking a toll on ourselves and the people around us. Psocratic understands how hard this can be, which is why we've built a fun, clinically-based tool to make it easier for you to find that moment to reset, recharge, and reconnect to what matters most. Afterward, you'll feel more positive and grounded no matter what life throws your way.



Our history, and where we are going.


Dr. Kristine Miranda, our co-founder and chief clinical officer, started Psocratic after 15+ years' experience as a clinical psychotherapist and academic. Through her practice, she realized the need for continuous and personalized support to help people develop the skills needed to manage their wellbeing. Using evidence-based approaches, like MBSR and mindfulness, she started building a suite of tools to encourage people to boost their resiliency and cultivate a growth mindset – proven attributes to live a fuller, more productive life. 

Psocratic has grown over the years to provide services to large corporate clients, hospital systems, and prison facilities. Today, we are excited to continue growing and refining our approach to deliver the best service possible to our clients through modern product design, data science, and psychology. 

For the future of Psocratic, we envision a global self- and social-care revolution where people have the resources, support, and knowledge to live more empowered and fulfilling lives. We dream of human-powered workplaces and communities that enabled people to create extraordinary experiences for themselves and others.

If you would like to be a part of this mission, please reach out.