Our mission is to enable all employees to reach their full potential.

Psocratic is on a mission to help organizations realize their human capital visions, all the while inspiring individuals to become more resilient to stress, connected with their peers, and aligned with their environments in and out of work.

We all face our fair share of uncertainty and personal and professional challenges any given day – managing our workloads, fulfilling expectations, achieving our goals, the list goes on and on. The fortunate few have developed the necessary growth mindset, resilience, and coping mechanisms to focus on and pursue what truly matters to make the most of life.

We aim to understand what tools, mentorship, and motivation individuals need to cultivate this mindset to unleash their potential. Then we proactively encourage them to get moving in the right direction.


Our history, & where we are going

Dr. Kristine Miranda, our Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, was inspired to start Psocratic after 15 years of work as a clinical psychotherapist. Through her practice, she realized the need for a personalized support platform that her clients could continuously use to combat their increasingly busy and chaotic lives. 

This platform, called Psocratic, has grown over the years to provide services to large corporate clients, hospital systems, and prison facilities. Although our primary client base is in the corporate world, we are excited to expand to new markets to provide our services to communities in need.

For the future of Psocratic, we envision a global self- and social-care revolution where people have the resources, support, and knowledge to live more empowered and fulfilling lives. We dream of workplaces and communities that enabled people to create extraordinary experiences for themselves and others. 

Interested in learning more about our story and where we are going from here? We would love to hear from you!