10 Ways to Maximize Workplace Employee Experience and Wellbeing Programs

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Welcome to the age of acceleration where disruption to our workplaces is occurring daily (think of how we communicate today compared to just 5 years ago!). With this rapid transformation underway there is a lot of stress involved – for individuals, teams, and entire organizations – to adjust or risk falling behind. To mitigate this, top HR teams are continually improving the employee experience to attract and retain their best talent to stay ahead.

Building a nurturing and positive culture requires constant attention, refinement, and innovation. Salary, health benefits, and perks no longer attract top talent, especially millennials. People today expect the entire job experience to cater to their personal growth and lifestyle - in and out of work. To get this right, HR must understand the behavioral preferences, desires, and drivers of people and cater the employee experience to meet these demands.  

10 Best Practices to Boost Employee Experience and Wellbeing Programs:  

Lead by Example. While many employers understand the value of creating employee experience programs, they often make the mistake of implementing a workplace wellness program, engagement platform, or LMS to solve a problem they have instead of plan for the future. Employers need to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the employee experience from start to finish for everyone involved.

A key first step is to not hold HR leaders solely responsible for the rollout and success of a any given program or overhaul. In addition to HR, team leaders and senior management have to lead by example to ensure that cultural initiatives are successful and being utilized across the organization.

As an added benefit, managers that prioritize their health and personal development will stand out as more creative, focused, and engaging leaders. Studies prove that they will more consistently hit deadlines and establish stronger lines of communication with peers. They will also set a contagious example for the rest of the company and the industry at large.

Give Employees a Say. Organizations should give employees a contributing voice and stake in their workplace culture programs to increase commitment and to design more effective and tailored initiatives. Involving employees is facilitated by designating program ambassadors, scheduling group strategy meetings, or through digital channels and feedback forums. This dialogue should include opinions from across the organization to make the program all-encompassing and inviting. When everyone from top executives to interns gets involved, it can galvanize the entire organization!

Appreciate that Everything is Connected. All work-related issues HR professionals face regarding engagement, wellbeing, attraction & retention, etc. are derived from the same root problem. HR’s reactionary responses to address these seemingly different challenges often over complicates the situation, leading to added stress and anxiety for everyone. Taking a step back to appreciate the bigger picture will further illustrate that these themes are all connected. Perhaps the ultimate goal is to increase customer relationships or build a more cohesive brand image. Once understood, HR can assess why certain problems arise and how best to approach them from a holistic and sustainable perspective. It seems overly obvious, but remember that most problems can be alleviated by making the workplace intrinsically healthy!


Design the Program to Fit Your Unique Needs. Employee experience programs are not “one size fits all”. Utilizing custom marketing, branding, and personalized messages will demonstrate that you care about your employee’s wellbeing and have invested the time to cater to their needs and environment. Maximize impact by changing the messaging of the program to fit seasonal or quarterly company initiatives, team or divisional goals, and even individual aspirations. Start strong by measuring baseline health motivation, personality, and engagement rates and then build-up from there.

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Make it Social. Organizations often attempt to increase engagement of employee-centered programs with incentives. Although helpful in certain scenarios, this generally results in short-term bursts of interest that fizzles out. A more sustainable approach is to incorporate wellbeing into the social fabric of the organization. Frequently used tools include social media, internal company platforms, team challenges, company sponsored initiatives, and social good & volunteer efforts.

Intelligently Market and Promote. Many organizations do not sufficiently publicize their workplace employee experience programs internally to their employees, leading to low utilization rates and diminished returns. HR teams must actively promote employee services to prospective and current employees across multiple channels. Utilizing company intranet and web portals is effective but broadening the reach to include email, social media, physical posters and flyers, and other modern communication channels will help to increase engagement and employee satisfaction while also promoting your brand as employee-focused and human-centric.

Constantly Review the Program. Workplace employee experience programs must be accessible and operational 24/7. To ensure this, organizations have to constantly measure employee engagement, program efficacy, and messaging. This requires a large amount of data reporting and analysis; a growing skill and attribute of top HR teams. Frequently reviewing the program will provide key insights and strategy on how to best adjust the messaging, content, and intervention to align core objectives.

Don’t Give Up! Plan to be nimble and change your approach every once in a while to re-engage employees and improve program efficacy. If you expect your employee engagement program to be a plug and play resource then it will fail. Participation will wax and wane. Remember to take a step back and keep the bigger picture in mind and be persistent. If people believe that the program is a long-term addition to the workplace, they will be more open to adoption.

If you expect your employee experience program to be a plug and play resource then it will fail


Start Early. Effective employee experience programs will provide key insights into the personality traits of your employees and overall workplace culture. This information can be used to guide recruitment strategy by highlighting what traits to look for in prospective candidates, as well as filling gaps within your culture. Advertising key aspects of your program during the recruitment process will also attract better talent and distinguish your offering from that of competitors. On-boarding assessments are a crucial tool for identifying the personality and motivation factors of employees and designing development plans that fit their specific needs. This gives employers an invaluable window into their workforce.

Take Action Now to Show That You Care. Employee experience platforms not only allow individuals to improve their own personal health, but they also demonstrate that employers are equally invested in their future development. Perception is integral and contributes to the positive experience from day one onwards.

An organization can be at the forefront of its industry by placing a much-needed emphasis on the employee experience of their employees. A positive purpose-driven workforce is the backbone of any successful company.

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