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We're looking for an stellar software engineer. You will steer us towards our goal with the skills and knowledge you have acquired as an experienced software engineer. You have an impressive track record of building complex applications. You can demonstrate an architect-level understanding of large systems in which you have played an integral role. You are pragmatic, able to balance the dynamic nature of a young business with the qualities of good software. 


We are looking for top sales talent to drive revenue from enterprise customers. As a growing startup, the role will be results driven and measured by performance. We are looking for a charismatic “self-starter”, and you will be working directly with our Co-CEO to build new relationships and see sales through to the close.

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senior sales

Data science

We are looking for gifted tech, data or engineering interns to support our Psocratic launch into 26 hospital systems around the U.S., helping oncology inpatients and other patients to relax and destress during treatment. 



We are looking for gifted marketing and PR interns to support our thought leadership initiatives, including writing blogs and pushing social media content, building relationships with established PR and editorial professionals, supporting our podcast.

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We have specific needs at this time, but also recognize that you are extremely talented and may not fit into one of our open roles. We're growing the team in many directions, and we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to meet you. To start the conversation, shoot us your resume and where you think you'd fit in.


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Desired Qualifications

We look for these skills across all roles:

  • Fantastic communication skills
  • Professional but not stuffy – we’re sharp and competent but also fun
  • Experience in wellness is great, but more important is your ability to learn fast
  • Team player – you want to be relied upon and you understand how others make your goals achievable
  • Sense of urgency – you want to “go, move, make things happen, and shake things up!”
  • Innate sense of service to those around you – you just like people
  • Nimble – able to handle changing tasks and priorities and adapt quickly
  • Supreme ability to organize yourself and your tasks, and manage your time