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Psocratic’s co-founders wanted to create a platform that was easy and fun to use — something different from the employee engagement, L&D, and wellness tools that are out there. We are so inspired by our customers and the amazing strides they take to provide better employee experiences, which is no simple feat, and we are thrilled to continue supporting them with the necessary tech, data, and expert guidance to make it all happen.




Nestlé, a global fortune 80 organization, is dedicated to revamping their workplace culture to meet new consumer and employee demands. Various departments within the organization are collaborating on best practices to engage employees at the individual and team level to drive this transition period and to stay ahead of shifting landscapes and trends.

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lockheed Martin

In 2016, teams at Lockheed Martin were looking for innovative ways to engage with one another to build stronger social connection and vertical alignment in a fun and effective team setting.

Psocratic worked with them to deliver hands-on activities to build stronger social connection, promote transparent communication, and to build leadership skills in group settings. 

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Engineering Organization

In 2016, an IT company with mostly engineers and tech-focused professionals was seeking a human-centered platform to positively engage their employees to create a workplace culture that attracted better talent and increased retention & overall employee productivity.

Learn how Psocratic's digital and analog solutions help to decrease turnover and increase productivity.



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