Meet Our Founder, Dr. Kristine Miranda

"It is our connection to those around us, as well as our own well-being, that allows us to thrive and become our best selves. Using a clinically-informed process, the Psocratic approach provides evidence-based tools that help organizations build cultures of success."


Dr. Miranda received her M.A. from Columbia University, Ph.D in Clinical Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, and M.A. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Harvard. She has 15+ years of clinical experience.



Set a baseline for success, powered by psychology 

Using evidence-based surveys and onsite evaluations, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of your workforce. 

Our deep analytics provide executives with information on what employee and team behaviors and traits lead to successful business outcomes. 



"We love working with the Psocratic team and using their platform. In particular, we’ve had a great experience working with them on our internal campaigns."

— Head of Medical Innovation, Nestle Skin Health SHIELD

Apply A.I. to find patterns for success

Scale a culture of success by applying A.I. to make sense of optimal engagement, personality, behavior, and leadership attributes.

Psocratic provides leaders with a dedicated data scientist and clinician to ensure that your cultural transformation is moving in the right direction for your organization.



“We’re now confident that we have a layer of support to help our employees feel relaxed while also making them feel more connected."

— Manager, Lockheed Martin



Drive impact with confidence.

By understanding the psychology of your workforce, and having the data to identify trends, you can elevate your corporate impact to new heights.

Psocratic's team works closely with you to build scalable organizational development programs proven to succeed.



"I know for a fact that this has saved a handful of our employees from leaving."

— CEO, iMedicare


Ready to transform your workplace culture? 

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