Psocratic’s goal is to humanize one of the most dehumanized systems in the world – Corrections. The fact of the matter is that 1) corrections staff and volunteers burnout and attrit due to inherently stressful working conditions, and 2) 61%+ of all prisoners suffer from some level of trauma.

Psocratic’s systemic approach is a step in the right direction for a more efficient process. Equipping corrections staff and rehabilitating members with the right tools to address incidences and sustainably succeed will open the door to a massive impact on the bottom line.


How it Works


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Psocratic provides resilience and incident management tools for corrections staff and volunteers, helping to improve engagement and retention levels, while creating safer and more effective environments.

Our digital resilience resources, staff engagement kiosks, and train-the-trainer incident management models are the key for staff members to identify root causes of issues while providing positive support to inmates as incidents arise.




With only a little extra effort on top of our corrections staff solutions, Psocratic provides incarcerated members with trauma education pre-release programs. This evidence-based program builds a foundational layer of self awareness, ultimately empowering members to accelerate their communication, vocational, and job skills necessary to reintegrate back into the real world.

Psocratic is equipped to run on various technologies that are leveraged inside corrections facilities.

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We’re in the business to drive results that can improve the bottom line and operations within corrections facilities. Here are a few of the drivers that we’ll collaborate with you on to demonstrate success:

Corrections Staff and Volunteers:

  • Higher engagement, retention, and morale

  • Increase in perceptions of job

  • Quicker incident resolution

  • Officer safety improvement

Incarcerated Members:

  • Lower inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-staff assaults

  • Improvement in inmate participation of programs

  • Higher GED pass rates

  • Potential mood tracking and feedback of inmates for the administrative teams


Our team at Psocratic embraces the opportunity to speak with you further about the above programs, helping to humanize and transform your corrections culture. Please reach out to us to schedule a meeting.