Make Your Data Meaningful

The Psocratic platform is a comprehensive solution for personalized talent development and workplace culture. With our monthly actionable insights and reports, managers can address pressing employee and organizational needs with precision and urgency, using a single, flexible system to deliver customized action plans.



Reporting for Individuals 

Our highly engaging personal development platform uses modern product design and gamification to show individuals how they are progressing along their personal journey. Personalized to user preferences, we show growth over time across key core competencies including: 

  • Resilience to challenges and stress we face on a daily basis
  • Cognitive flexibility to problem solve creatively and adjust to our surroundings 
  • Ability to take action and focus on what matters
  • Finding purposefulness and meaning in what we do
  • How positive we are throughout the day
  • Socialization and teamwork strengths and weaknesses 




Reporting for Managers

Our monthly reporting provides managers with not only a pulse on their teams, but also with evidence-based action plans to respond to pressing problems we help identify as they arise. This proactive approach and our 24/7 employee-centered services are a few reasons Psocratic and our customers stand out from the pack. Reports include:

  • Engagement data and talent development insights 
  • Behavioral analysis and modification plans
  • Team dynamics and personality maps
  • Company initiatives and employee sentiment analysis

Depending on our client's company structure, core objectives, and preexisting HR systems, our dashboard is highly customizable to meet specific needs.   

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