Provider burnout & turnover, low patient satisfaction, and ineffective tools are costing healthcare organizations billions.

90% of nurses are thinking about leaving their job due to stress, and it's expected to rise over the next 5-years, directly impacting patient satisfaction and profitability.  



Evidence-based Solutions

Our expertise stems from decades of clinical research on resilience and psychology.

Using our proven methods, we build tailored resilience and self-care curriculums for your organization to develop the skills your staff needs to thrive in today's economic landscape.    

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Measurable Results  

We start by helping you measure the baseline level of resilience, engagement, and health of your organization. With this baseline in place, we start to deliver targeted interventions for nurses and managers and measure our impact along the way.  


Business Intelligence

To survive in today's changing environment, healthcare organizations must adopt more sophisticated business intelligence practices.

Psocratic links improvements in nurse resilience to metrics that you care about, such as retention and patient satisfaction scores. We then start using predictive modeling to prevent problems before they arise to help your organization thrive.


Current partners


By showing staff that you care about and invest in their holistic wellbeing, you can focus on what matters most:

Improving patient outcomes and safety standards to drive HCAHPS scores and profitability.


"I've been using Psocratic personally and even with my patients to improve pre/post satisfaction. The other day I did the ocean imagination session for anxiety. Comfort was 6/9 - pre/post. It's having a noticeable impact on my own wellbeing and that of my patients." – Clinical Nurse Manager, Women's Health Unit at Mount Sinai


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