Where does your company fall in Wellness and Profitability?

Wellness affects profitability. That's why we've built the Psocratic Index, an interactive tool that measures employee wellness factors against profits and revenue. Explore the graph below by industry, where we've observed that a positive cultural experience is directly linked to a higher return for organizations.

Don’t see your company or industry? We would love to add you to our growing index, contact us at info@psocratic.com for more information.

Psocratic Wellness Success Index

How did we conduct this research? We compiled employee data taken from the top 1,500 companies on the NYSE, and explored trends within and across major industries. The wellness score on the Y-axis is the combination of employee data covering 5 company specific themes — culture, fair pay, career path, company leadership, and work-life balance — evaluated on a 0-5 point scale. Gross profit per employee is provided in public statements and annual reports. More questions? Reach out, and we’re happy to explain more! info@psocratic.com