Measure Your Community in Real Time

From our data science and I/O psychology team to yours, Psocratic offers a simple and dynamic way to collect employee and customer feedback on the floor.

We’ve seen it all – working in manufacturing settings that accommodate multiple languages, retail floors that are flooded with customers, hospital break rooms, and the offices of Fortune 500 companies and startups. That’s why we’ve packaged a kiosk product with a simple implementation guide for you and your team to easily launch.



Quick and Simple Sign Up

We believe that collecting feedback on the floor should be made simple, so you can focus on the strategic side of the business. And just to prove it, we’ve made signing up incredibly simple.

Here’s how it works:


Sign Up

Whether you need 1 kiosk or 100, tell us the number of devices, locations, and languages that you’ll need for launch.


Schedule and Coordinate

Once you’ve signed up, fill out our simple template with the dates and questions you have in mind.

FYI: We’ll provide you with ‘boiler plate’ questions & tips to get started.


Quick Hardware Setup

Once you’ve received your kiosks, use our quick installation kit to stand up the kiosks.

We’ll have support on stand by just in case you need it.


Sit back and watch your feedback grow.


Set a Baseline for Growth


Here’s a little detail on our analytics system:

  • We’ll start by giving you the basic information and dashboards to go with your feedback, including the responses and ratings by category.

  • Your data is fully scalable and can be segmented across as many locations as you need.

  • Our data science team provides customized support to modify the analytics to your liking.


Psocratic has a specialized I/O psychology and data team devoted to analyzing and providing insight on your data. We’ve spent countless hours curating questions and optimizing employee and customer culture.

If you’re interested in having our team assisting your campaign and diving into your data with you, contact us here.

Why Psocratic Kiosk?


Psocratic has spent a number of years working with all kinds of organizations, helping customers to develop better workplace culture, stress management, and leadership principles. In working with some of our customers, we’ve been tasked with collecting feedback in interesting ways – including through kiosks in various settings.

Over time, we’ve become frustrated by the lack of timeliness and lack of affordability that the competition has to offer. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to build a product that is effective, efficient, and transparent for our customers to leverage for their own business.


An overview of the kiosk feedback market:

Get on the Proactive Side of Your Organization


Annual surveys are often times lagging indicators for what you’re currently going through. By understanding the psychology of your workforce and customers on a regular basis, Psocratic helps to elevate your corporate impact to new heights.

Don’t just hear it from us, take it from the many great organizations collecting feedback from their employees and customers and turning them into significant organizational success for the business.

Psocratic's team works with you to build scalable organizational development programs proven to drive business forward.

“We’re now confident that we have a layer of support to help our employees feel relaxed while also making them feel more connected.”
— Manager, Lockheed Martin
“We love working with the Psocratic team and using their platform.”
— Head of Medical Innovation, Nestle Skin Health

Measure Your Community

Need Help? Feel free to ask us any questions you may have by contacting us here.