How resilient are you?

Take the test below to receive your personal results and recommendations to boost your overall resilience.


What is resilience…

Being resilient means you acknowledge that while you may lack control over situations, you can control how you respond to them. Simply put, resilience is your ability to respond to and “bounce back” from challenging events and periods.


This quiz will assess your level of resilience across 5 evidence-based categories we call STAMP.

S=Social Connection: how you cultivate meaningful relationships and seek support from your friends, family, and peers.    

T=Tenacity: your ability to learn, overcome obstacles, and focus to accomplish goals.

A=Adaptability: your ability to be flexible and cope with new environments and challenges.

M=Meaning and Purpose: how you intentionally link small events to larger goals and ambitions to maintain focus and fulfillment in life.

P=Positivity: your ability to look for opportunities and evaluate your perspective, especially when facing difficult situations.