People fuel the success of your organization — we fuel the success of your people.


Everything Psocratic does is human-centered and focused on making your talent development effective and measurable. That’s why we developed a clinically-informed process to provide personalized soft skills development activities proven to elevate individual performance and resiliency; enable managers to take informed action; and develop the talent and leaders your organization needs to stay ahead.

Informed by leading behavioral and managerial research, our evidence-based framework is co-developed by clinicians, data scientists, and engineers. Our personalized tools employ a wide range of proven practices including leadership skills, mindfulness, MBSR, and managerial psychology to engage people from all backgrounds and career tracks. Psocratic is flexibly designed to meet the needs of a broad range of company industries, sizes, and structures — from startups to global fortunes alike.

We work best with organizations that are undergoing a cultural transformation to align leadership and resilience to long-term company mission. 


Action-ready insights

The power of Psocratic isn’t the technology itself, but how our services create meaningful opportunities for your organization to engage with and motivate your workforce. Our tools offer managers a highly accurate view of talent development at every stage of the employee experience — with detailed data narratives and evidence-based recommendations from frequent touchpoints.

Using our clinical understanding of people’s interests, learning styles, and behavioral traits, we turn data into action so your talent and teams can be the driving force of your organizational development.



Enhance your workplace culture, one smart break at a time


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Easy onboarding 

When we launch with a company, we don’t feel like a run-of-the-mill benefit. Our software component allows you to implement Psocratic immediately alongside your current programs.

Originally designed for dispersed workforces, our platform is versatile to meet your needs and preexisting systems.  




Immediate data 

We quickly assess your talent with 27 think-fast questions that help us to uncover behavioral strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, general health findings, and engagement levels.  

If you already collect your own engagement and employee data – no problem! Psocratic's behavioral AI can work with you to utilize your existing information alongside our resource.


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Individual growth

Once assessments are complete, our behavioral AI engine begins to deliver targeted soft-skills activities to individuals based on their personality, preferences, and workplace environment. Our evidence-based content motivates people to unplug and take some time to strengthen their emotional & behavioral wellbeing with tools like mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, meditation, creative outlet, physical activities, and much more. 

If you have objectives of your own, our clinical team can work with you to create custom content and curriculums aligned with your company's vision.



Experiential team development 

Each month, targeted team challenges are shipped directly to team managers. These experiential activities focus on leadership development, group connection, and recognition, all while fostering high level communication between managers and their teams. 


Learn more about our group activities! 




Business value and analytics

Our customers report an average ROI of more than 5x per employee on productivity and retention alone. What sets us apart? We monitor the strength of our targeted strategies with continued data collection, predictive analysis, and direct feedback from your workforce. Each month your human capital teams receive actionable reports to help you track progress and make informed decisions in real time.