Psocratic is an employee engagement and behavioral intelligence company that strengthens the employee experience, wellbeing, attitude, and culture within organizations. We leverage leading-edge developments in behavioral psychology, data science, and engagement technology to provide individuals and teams with targeted activities that drive health, professional development, social integration, and employee morale. We aggregate employee engagement data, team results, value drivers, and KPIs and package it all for our clients.

Psocratic’s digital software plugs into preexisting communication channels and is interoperable with other engagement and wellness solutions. Our custom-designed hands on activities and team challenges combine best-in-class managerial psychology with employee data to provide a break from digital devices. Through our platform we help our clients identify which employees are likely to disengage and when, what's causing it, and best approaches to proactively intervene at the individual and team level where it matters most.

Our services include:

Stress Health, Engagement, and Personality Assessments: Psocratic on-boards employees with a 25 think-fast questions, setting a baseline understanding to measure healthy behaviors, engagement, and personality strengths. Over time, Psocratic assesses user data to maintain a pulse on the health, engagement, and satisfaction of teams and employees – things we need to support and track your bottom line progress.

Psocratic’s Digital Activities: After the initial assessment, Psocratic begins recommending targeted content for employees, which is accessible via phone and computer. Psocratic’s platform contains hundreds of hours of content covering stress management (mindfulness, CBT, MBSR, financial management, creative development, and emotional intelligence), healthy behavior tracks (physical exercises and nutritional health), professional skills courses (communication, focus, time management, etc), and quick breaks for motivation and relief.

Our platform continually learns from individuals and teams to provide tailored content that optimizes positive employee attitude, health, and learning.

Psocratic Boxes (Team building and Leadership Development activities): Psocratic offers activity boxes for team building and leadership development, which encourage peer to peer recognition, social collaboration and group exchanges within departments. Boxes include aggregated team strengths and analytics for managers and group activities that foster communication, positive reinforcement, and acts of kindness.

Psocratic Virtual Reality (Experiential activities): Psocratic offers Virtual Reality relaxation booths and headsets for departments. These experiences include 5-10 minute relaxing getaways and guided meditation for employees.

This service is an additional feature.

Psocratic Kiosks (Anonymous feedback and engagement): Psocratic provides kiosks, for break-rooms and strategic locations to collect anonymous employee feedback and praises for fellow teammates. This input is provided to the administrative teams on a weekly basis, to monitor and redistribute to teams. Psocratic provides this service to not only build cultural awareness, but also as a data point to better target team interventions.

This service is an additional feature.

Psocratic Data and Benchmarking Services: Psocratic provides analytics dashboards and reporting to human capital teams showing utilization, employee engagement, satisfaction, employee development/progress (Psocratic Score), and feedback by department. Our data science team can amend any additional client information (e.g. retention reporting, other wellness programs) to better drive KPIs for your team.

Psocratic’s core objective is to empirically steer the value on your overall wellness investment.

Psocratic Scores (Tracking and incentives): Employees can track their own progress and history within Psocratic. In their personal dashboards, employees can improve their Psocratic Score which bolsters Self (your health, purpose, and adaptability), Social (how you socialize), and Spirit (how you embrace and project positivity and humor).

This Psocratic Score quantifies individual and team motivation. Completing any activity will increase one or more pillars of your Psocratic Score and can trigger incentives assigned by the management team, such as prizes, charitable contributions, and “Psocratic Boxes” (team building activities).

APIs and Healthcare Portal Integration: Psocratic is adaptable and easy to implement. Our platform is API-ready for employee onboarding, and can easily integrate into your healthcare portal. Clients can access Psocratic Scores and results at any time they need.

~From our Fortune 500 to Startup customers, Psocratic's wellness program is serving as a valuable resource to bolster employee retention & recruitment, productivity, and resiliency — providing ROI through intelligent health and employee analytics.